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Virginia Real Estate License Course Online

Virginia Real Estate License - Online Course FAQ

Virginia Is this online course state-approved so I can get a real estate license?  Yes. It is fully approved by the Virginia Real Estate Board. This course qualifies you to for the state license exam.
Virginia How much is the course? Now only $189.  We reduced our low $325 price for a limited time to $189 which includes the online course, the course exam, free in-office books and the free personal exam review by our course administrator in our Reston office. Compare to other license courses costing over $300 without the benefits or the free review session.
Virginia How does this compare to a live class? If you are comfortable clicking through the pages online, this is a great way to learn. There is no 60 classroom requirement, no time spent commuting to class or sitting around during break. We are available to help with any question, have books available for free review at our office and provide a personal review to help you learn the material and pass the exam.  Software is provided by REcampus, the leading software provider of online real estate courses nationwide.

Virginia How does the course work? The course is online. You log in and out as desired- from home or work or anywhere with Internet access.  The course is divided into short pages that you click through. There periodic quizzes to help you remember what you read.
Virginia Is there an exam?  Yes. The state requires a monitored exam. You may take the exam at our Reston, Virginia office (free coffee and a private conference room for your convenience).  Or we can arrange for you to take the exam at a location near your work or home anywhere in the United States.  The exam is included in the cost of the course.
Virginia What happens after I pass?  You are eligible for the state exam which is a multiple choice exam.. It costs $60. Then you can get your Virginia real estate license.

Virginia What if I fail the course exam? You may re-take the course exam at no cost. A course instructor will be available to personally review course content to help you in any problem areas.  This is a big advantage. We don't just tell you if you pass or fail. We want you to learn so you can pass the state exam and succeed in the business.
Virginia How long does the license course take to complete?  The Virginia Real Estate Board requires minimum “seat times” of 50 minutes per credit hour. The 60 credit hour course will require a minimum of 3000 minutes, or 50 hours. 
Virginia How long do I have to complete the course? You have one full year to complete the course.
Virginia Are there any books?  No. There are no books needed to pass the course.  However, the basic textbook and the exam prep books are available for purchase or you may come in to our office to review them for free. In fact, you can come into our office to read the exam prep book before you take your exam.
Virginia Is there a refund policy?  Yes. We guarantee satisfaction. You may request a full refund for one full week after purchasing the course. (To date, we have not had a refund request.)
Virginia What if I have a problem or need help?  We are available every day to answer any question. There is also a toll free number for any computer or technical questions.
Virginia What if I have more questions? Give us a call at 703-476-1747 or toll free at 1-866-907-1747.
Virginia When can I start the course?  Immediately after you sign up. An automated email will have a link to start.
Virginia How do I sign up? You sign up online with a credit card on a secure site and check out like any online purchase. You will be able to decide on your own user name and password to sign in and out whenever you like.

Virginia How do I verify approval ?Our school name is Act Web Real Estate School Inc, doing business as , an approved school of the Virginia Real Estate Board. Act Web Real Estate Inc. is listed on the VA Real Estate Board site under approved schools and under approved courses. Our websites are, and The Licensing Section of the Virginia Real Estate Board: (804) 367-8526. our number is (703) 476-1747.

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Virginia requirementsVirginia Real Estate License Requirements

These are the basic requirements to become a Virginia real estate agent.
  • 18 years old
  • High school graduate
  • Complete the 60 hour Virginia pre-license course (we call this the license course), including proctored final course exam (Our online course is approved for the 60 hour course regardless of how long you actually spend on the course.)
  • Pass the Virginia state exam, the PSI exam.
  • Complete requirements are noted in Real Estate Board Regulations of the Virginia Real Estate Board website.

You may consult the official state Virginia Real Estate Board website for full details of Virginia real estate license education requirements. NOTE: Their site has a link to approved schools with Act Web Real Estate School listed. Our Virginia school name is Act Web Real Estate School Inc. doing business as  After passing this course, you take the Virginia state exam by PSI.
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