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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are the courses approved for credit?
    • All courses offered by, a division of Act Web Services are approved for credit and meet all state requirements. Please see the state requirements pages for more information.  Act Web Services is an accredited Virginia proprietary school, and in other states the approvals are through Career WebSchool, REALTOR® University and/or Thomson Computaught.
  • How is the course structured?
    • In general, each course is divided into lessons that take about 20-30 minutes on the average. Each lesson consists of text with multiple choice questions mixed in. The text is presented one small, easy-to-understand sentence or paragraph at a time. After a few screens of text, you will answer a few questions about what you have read. As you progress through the lesson, the learning process keeps track of how you are doing on the questions. After all the text is presented, the computer will go back to the questions you missed or had problems with and review them in random order. You'll keep working on the lesson until you've answered all the questions correctly on two occasions. At that point, the lesson will be marked as complete on the main menu. You can quit a lesson at any time and a bookmark will save your place, so you don't have to repeat work you've already done when you return to a lesson.
  • How do I take the final test?
    • Some courses require a final exam which is proctored, i.e. supervised.  When you have completed the course, you will be given instructions to call a toll free number to set up a time and place convenient to you.  In Northern Virginia, contact to arrange for proctored testing in our offices in Reston, Virginia.
  • What is considered a passing grade for the exam?
    • This varies by state, but generally it’s 70-75%.  You can retake the exam, but some states require a waiting period.
  • How long it will take me to complete a course?
    • The courses are designed to meet the state requirement for the number of hours.  Thus a four hour course continuing education course will take approximately 4 hours to complete.
  • How do I get credit for course completion?
    • Once all course requirements are completed, you will be issued a Course Completion Certificate (or in some states your course completion will be directly reported to your state and no actual hardcopy certificate will be issued).  If you are to receive a Course Completion Certificate, it will be mailed to you via the U.S. Mail and placed in the mail within 3-5 business days after you have satisfied all course requirements.
  • Some courses are offered on CD-ROM or online?  Which is best for me?
    • CD-ROM may be preferred for you if you have older computer equipment or a slow dial-up modem; are not comfortable with Internet applications, or want to refer back to the course material later. 
    • The online course may be preferred if you are highly mobile and need to access your course from multiple PCs; have a fast, reliable internet connection and are comfortable with Internet-based applications.  We recommend buying an appropriate reference book for future study/reference.
  • Is my credit card transaction secure?
    • Yes.  Our site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology with the highest level of encryption to ensure that your information cannot be read as it is transmitted online.
  • What is the average income of a Real Estate Agent?

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Continuing Education

  • How do I obtain CE credit for completing the course?
  • I'm not active in Real Estate; do I have to take continuing education?
    • If you wish to maintain your license, yes, you must complete your state’s CE requirements.  Link to your individual state requirement to learn more.

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  • I live near the border of another state.  What do I need to do to get a license there as well?
    • Great idea!  Most state tests include national real estate law, so you possibly only need to take the state-specific courses to pass that state’s license exam. Contact us and we’ll help you figure out the specific state requirements.

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Return Policy

  • I tried it, but an internet course is just not for me. What is your return policy?
    • For all Virginia courses through our REcampus partner or the Limited Service Agency correspondence course, contact us within one week of sign up and we will fully refund your tuition.
    • For all other states and Virginia non-REcampus courses, contact the particular provider for that school's policy.

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