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  • Maryland real estate Brokers and Salespersons must complete 15 hours of state approved courses every 2 years from the original license issue date. We offer all 15 hours including the 7.5 mandatory courses and a variety of electives that satisfy the Maryland state continuing education requirement. Brokers have extra requirements.

Maryland Real Estate Education Requirements
Continuing Education - Required every 2 years

Continuing Education for real estate in MD is on a two year cycle for agents and brokers.
To renew an active two year license, a licensee most often needs 15 hours CE including 7.5 mandatory and 7.5 electives.
But you must review the charts on the MD website below to confirm your requirements. Or call them at 410-230-6230.

If this is FIRST RENEWAL IN MD AND your license expires BETWEEN 1/1/2014 AND 12/31/2015

If you renewed in MD in 2012 or 2013 AND your CURRENT license expires BETWEEN 1/1/2014 and 12/31/2015

Brokers, Branch Office Managers, and Team Leaders – Once a licensee assumes a supervisory position as a broker, BOM, or team leader, he or she will have 90 days to complete 3 clock hours of MREC Required Supervision Course, if he or she didn’t already complete it for his/her last renewal

If you hold a license in another state, hours may be considered toward your Maryland ELECTIVES. To find out, email the out-of-state CE course completion certificate(s) to at least 30 days prior to the expiration of your license. If recognized, the hours credited will be entered into your licensing record and an eNotice sent to your email address of record.

Governor Larry Hogan has approved these CE changes effective October 1, 2015:
No reduction in hours for a licensee possessing a graduate degree in law
No reduction in hours for a licensee possessing a graduate degree in real estate
All licensees must complete 15 hours of continuing education
Agency is required for all agents every two (2) years
Supervision is required for all brokers, designated branch managers and teams leaders every two (2) years

This information is designed to provide a summary of the minimum education, experience, and examination requirements established by the Maryland Real Estate Commission The information provided can be found on the Commission's website. You are advised to review the Maryland Real Estate Commission website for more detailed information and for any changes which may have occurred.

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